It is Safe to Rest.

Today we visited the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in Sedona, Arizona, and as I walked, a message arose: REST! There is widsom in rest, in being able to step into the world awake and alive, well-fed, and well-rested, and (only) from that place be able to truly work “tirelessly” (without tiredness) for the benefit of all sentient beings. 

Bonus: This posts talks about Green Tara’s super powers.

Double bonus: A good-night blessing poem for your sweet dreams tonight! 🙏

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2 Backyard Birds and 67 Lemons to Be

Weekend brunch in bed . . . Finally, I emerge from this fluffy flicker-cardinal bird blind, brush my teeth, and slip outside. Barefoot on winter desert dirt, I walk to the lemon tree. I love to look into her green leaves—Lemons!

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Unless You Are an Armadillo

In general, I find that being brave leads to more interesting life experiences than just being scared and rolling up into a little ball . . . unless, of course, if one is an armadillo.

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What I Know About Whales

A spoken word offering (audio) . . . As you prepare for you poetic swim, relax your body like seaweed in the ocean . . .

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