Breathing in, Breathing out . . .

Today’s post is a mini nature retreat for you. đź’š

Wherever you are . . . in this very moment . . . right now . . . can you pause, breathe in deeply, and then breathe out even more slowly?

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Grounding – I love my root!

So what is this magical elixir called grounding? Grounding is feeling (and being!) energetically connected to the Earth (vs. lost in our heads, adrift in our and others’ mental processes or emotional states). READ ON to learn how to get grounded . . .

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“Be Yourself.” . . . Me? . . . Yes you!

It was just me and the ravens I saw way below me, yet still a mile above the canyon floor. Should I really be out there . . .alone? YES! So there I was, in the dark, perched out on the rocky edge of the grandest of canyons, ears perked for the recently-spotted large carnivorous cat . . .

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