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A Woman Using her Voice – The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In this time of political distress and division, I am so thankful that we have heroes like RGB to hold a lamp of intelligence and power and to help lead the way. đź’š!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Even as she is recovering from lung cancer—this very week!—she is using her voice for justice. 

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The Mysterious Traveler and the 3 Bricklayers

Why do you work? And, beyond the tasks of the day, what are you actually doing there? This little folk tale (here retold) helps illuminate the question . . . 

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“Be Yourself.” . . . Me? . . . Yes you!

It was just me and the ravens I saw way below me, yet still a mile above the canyon floor. Should I really be out there . . .alone? YES! So there I was, in the dark, perched out on the rocky edge of the grandest of canyons, ears perked for the recently-spotted large carnivorous cat . . .

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