Day of the Golden Poppies

All spring in Arizona, poppy passion! Then, finally, past peak but still positively poppylicious,we made it to poppy meca in Antelope Valley, California. Fields and fields and rolling hills of golden poppy goodness. Women in dresses and parasols taking photographs, couples smiling, little bitty babies in hair bows being carried up the hill by tired…

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Day of the Bristlecone Pines

What is success? This little video shares what we found on our quest to the bristlecone pine forest.

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Jaguar, Golden Eagle, and Slowly Sauntering Swine—our Magical Day of Adventure Below Baboquivari Peak

Under Mexican blue oak, and thick sycamores. /
Thick cat claw marks on tree—cat was ready to pounce! /
Jaguar was seen here once, Jaguar felt near, /
Ghost guardian Jaguar.

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How to See a Bobcat in the Wild!

A flash of feline emerges from the desert trees, crosses from the edge of dusk through the wash, and then disappears back into the night. Magic! Here’s how YOU can see a bobcat too. 💚

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The Buenos Aires (good wind) Refuge in Southern Arizona – Road Trip Retreat Day

Wintery trees, swooping hawks, vast grasslands, winter winds . . .

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It is Safe to Rest.

Today we visited the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in Sedona, Arizona, and as I walked, a message arose: REST! There is widsom in rest, in being able to step into the world awake and alive, well-fed, and well-rested, and (only) from that place be able to truly work “tirelessly” (without tiredness) for the benefit of all sentient beings. 

Bonus: This posts talks about Green Tara’s super powers.

Double bonus: A good-night blessing poem for your sweet dreams tonight! 🙏

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