I surrender . . . waiving the white flag, and . . . diving deep(ly inward). Where? To where the creativity waters source!

So . . . I am officially surrendering. It’s part acceptance (after a week of—finally!— clear-seeing, along with kitchen explosions and other remarkable changes on both the physical and mythic levels of my life), part renunciation, and part deepening commitment.

But mostly it really is just a plain ole’ (well if the act of surrendering can ever be considered “plain”) surrendering of several things I’ve been pretty intensely holding onto . .  .

Why Surrender?

Part of what I was holding onto was already gone, but I’ve been blind to this.

And (the larger part) of what I’m surrendering today is a dam made of attachments that have slowly eddied out and stacked up! I realize that this whole giant pile of sticks and debris and mud that has piled up, well, I’ve been using it to stitch my external life together! — which might sort of be OK, except that my internal Life (that is ready to bust out and make big changes) is asking me to please for the love of all that is good and free, release this corset already, so we can all BREATH.

Exhaling now!

How does this relate to this blog? Because it does!

For the last 8 days, I’ve been experimenting with daily Writing Logs. I have a very large writing project newly in the works (exciting!), and I thought that I could maintain my beloved daily-blog commitment for 2019 (of posting a new blog post daily) by keeping a log about the process of bringing my new writing project into being. It seemed like a great idea 9 days ago!

124th post in a row!

Alas, this morning, I realized that—rather than support the deep creative diving of this bigger work of writing art—keeping the daily semi-public log is actually inhibiting it. Ahhh. So, on this, my 124th blog post in a row (!), I am radically altering my blog. 🙂

I’m radically altering my blog.

I am NOT quitting. Instead I’m going deeper. And that deep place—that source of creative waters—is not a place that wants daily words published right now . . . SOME days publishing public words, sure, oh yes . . . but NOT every day publishing as a practice commitment, now now. That daily-process part is an off-blog private experience now. 🙂 HOWEVER . . .

Hang onto your ticket and save your seat! 🙂

Everyone, hang onto your tickets and save your front-row seats because more will be coming! Occasional written posts, and also more little videos, and other goodness will be published as it comes along. So please do check back regularly. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m diving in to my big writing project(s). Deeper/larger projects are on the (far) horizon. Ooh!

Writing, Art, Video and Spoken Word

Also, the blog’s tagline is changing. Since January 1 (Day 1), it’s been:

  • 365 Days of Writing, Art and Spoken Word in 2019

And that was the original vision—to experiment with posting every day for a year to find out what I most love to write, create, say, and share. I had anticipated that at the end of 2019, I’d have (i) created a small body of work, and (ii) figured out (from emerged themes) where/how I want to go deeper with a larger project next year. Well, that day had come early. So, on May 5, 2019, I surrender . . . and I am ready to go deeper now. 🙂

And that begins by listening. A LOT of internal listening.

New tag line for a new focus!

And the new tagline? No more limits of time! Not requiring every day output . . . but also no longer requiring a stop at at the end of 2019. It’s simply:

  • Writing, Art, Video and Spoken Word

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog so far. Be well! See you soon. 💚

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