Day of the Bristlecone Pines

. . . Or, well, after several days’ quest, we came to find that the Bristlecones (high in California’s White Mountains at 10,000 feet) are still wearing their winter snow blankets, their road is unplowed (“until sometime late May or maybe June”), and no hikers allowed in the forest unless one has packed snowshoes.

We did not pack snowshoes. We are in t-shirts and sun hats.

Like Tibetan Peach Pie

Much like a quest for Tibetan Peach Pie, here we are now back down at the crossroads (right next to the sign with the big brown arrow pointing upward with the words “Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.” I’ve waited 27 years to visit these sacred, old trees again (but 27 years to a 4000+ year-old tree? a gnat’s breath!), and I’ve dreamed of this trip since summer 2016 (when I bought a wildflower guide to the Eastern Sierra), and have been planning this journey for several weeks. No bristlecones.

No bristlecones

But, surprisingly–miles out of habitat–a giant sequoia! 💕🌲

Actually, a little giant sequoia (as giant sequoias go) because this LARGE youngin is only 106 years old. Planted in 1913, it has a plaque saying so.

So we sat with Giant Sequoia for quite sometime this afternoon, and then this happened. 🙂

What is Success?