Raspberry coconut yogurt nectar (& millet!) 🌷

Tonight is a little dessert post! It’s been a long work week of many interesting challenges, and finally, tonight. . . ahhh! . . . has been an evening of relaxing. 😊

Tonight I had the great pleasure of feeding one of my dearest heart friends (who is a foodie!) 2 new foods she had not tasted before. . . !

1) The humble and delicious staple of my kitchen—and bird feeders worldwide!-—millet! Yay millet, yellow, warming, alkaline delight! Especially yummy when lightly toasted in a skillet and then cooked with extra water, butter, and black pepper. Add salt and (optional) parmesan cheese! 🧀 🙂

2) My new favorite dessert treat: the sublime raspberry cocoyo living coconut yogurt “with billions of probiotics.” Nectar! Somehow they actually made yogurt out of a coconut. (I have no idea how!) But it’s really good! 🌴 🥥

Cocoyo living coconut millet

On this holiday weekend (springy season of Taurus Earth and Scorpio full moon, Passover, and Easter 🐣), I wish you all much goodness, nourishment, liberation from oppression/slavery—in all its forms—and restoration of your spirit! And millet! And magical discoveries like raspberry-coconut yogurt to delight you!

May all be fed! May all be nourished! May all be well!

💕🌷🧀 🌴 🥥🐣💕