Energy Hygiene through a Chaparral Tunnel

chaparral tunnel
chaparral tunnel

In the last few days, I’ve made a few visits to our local neighborhood chaparral tunnel.

Sometimes a person just needs the kind of energy-field clearing that only a journey through a Chaparral tunnel can provide! 💛🌿🍃

Why Chaparral? Chaparral is a powerful medicine plant.

This powerful (and ancient) plant is a strong infection-fighter and offers us many medicinal gifts, including the smell of desert rain. (Chaparral is even one of desert herbalist Darcey Blue’s “top 10 must-have herbs.”)

Clearing energy “infections”

Energetically, chaparral is very purifying and—mirroring its physical medicinal properties—this plant also relieves and clears energy “infections.”

chaparral flowers
chaparral flowers

Where does chaparral grow?

If you live in the Sonoran desert like I do (or in many desert areas of the American southwest and south to central Mexico), chaparral (Larrea tridentata) is all around us! Sometimes, though, it’s lovely to seek out and enjoy a tunnel-walking experience.

An invitation for you

I invite you to go out wondering your neighborhood (or perhaps a new neighborhood, one that you have never visited) looking for plant tunnels grown of chaparral—or of any of your favorite medicine plants.

Perhaps, where you live, you will find a jasmine tunnel or a honeysuckle tunnel nearby? So many possibilities. Enjoy! 💛🌿🍃




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