A lovely (and very useful) free Arizona Wildflowers identification app for your phone

Yesterday, after a day of admiring wildflowers in Brown Canyon in the Baboquivari mountains west of Tucson, I was introduced to an amazing app!

“Arizona Wildflowers” app

You can find (nearly) any wildflower in Arizona based on physical characteristics, such as color or number of of petals combined with general habitat (e.g., “desert”). You can also narrow your search by time of year (e.g., “Apr 1st week”) and general location. If you have cell service, you can even add GPS data to narrow down your bloom’s identification options!

Then you simply scroll down the photos until you spot your flower. Next, check the tabs to verify your plant by a map of known locations and links to botanical databases featuring this plant and more!

Why this app is awesome!

  • It doesn’t need cell service or wi-fi! So you can use it even when in remote wilderness areas. 🙂
  • It’s FREE (wow)—a gift of the Oregon non-profit called Wildflower Search. Thank you!
  • Authors are professional botanists and devoted amateur botanical-enthusiasts.
  • It’s easy to use.

3-16-19 rock and flowers - banner happy .png

Here’s where to Download:

For iPhone, click here.
For Adroid, click here.

(These are free/public links. I’m not receiving anything for including these links. I just love this app. 💚)

Also about FIFTY other identification apps — for most states

They also have about FIFTY other identification apps — for most states! Here is a link to the complete list (for Android). They even include a few special areas like Glacier National Park. 🙂

examples of other wildflower apps
Here are 8 of the 50+ apps available from Wildflower Search


TN 1 Furling into a Sunset Poppy

TN 2 Leaving the House!

TN 3 How to See a Bobcat in the Wild!

TN 4 Jaguar, Golden Eagle & Slowly Sauntering Swine

TN 5 How to Gather & Make Flower Essences

And a thank you

Thank you to our hike leaders from the Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge for the Arizona Wildflowers app recommendation!



PHOTO CREDITS/NOTES: All photos by Alyson Greene May except the photo of me (with orange hat and lichen-covered rock), which is by friend and wildflower artist Sharon Elise Davis. The App screenshot (in top photo) is a screenshot of the Arizona Wildflowers app, and the Jaguar painting is on the wall of the Brown Canyon Environmental Education Center (artist unknown).