Jaguar, Golden Eagle, and Slowly Sauntering Swine—our Magical Day of Adventure Below Baboquivari Peak

Three friends in Brown Canyon,
Baboquivari Peak.
Stepping through bear grass,
Slipping by shin daggers and catclaw,
Under Mexican blue oak, and thick sycamores.
Big scat—Mountain Lion!
Thick cat claw marks on tree—cat was ready to pounce!
Jaguar was seen here once, Jaguar felt near,
Ghost guardian Jaguar.
Blue toadflax, yellow monkey flower, purply verbena,
Wait-a-minute bush. Look up now—Golden Eagle!
Golden Eagle circling above around and around and around.
Then see far up, on the mountain, inside Aphrodite’s shell (a rhyolite crest),
big stick nest of Golden Eagle.
Sit in shady water cave arch where Mountain Lion likes to rest in rocks.
Three friends share their awe in the beauty and sacred wildness.
And their creative inspirations in progress!
Youngest friend shares her dream project. Vast vision!
Then read this, the meaning when Golden Eagle appears as messenger:
“Go on a spiritual adventure, a pilgrimage to a holy and sacred spot.
Find your passion and a means to express it.”

On the way back to town, see a random pig sauntering across the street, really?
Later down Ajo, stop the car and all get out to swoon over waves and waves
of lupine poppy beauty, feeding our hearts.
Make our way home, and along the way, downtown, stop and eat decadent pot pies.
Now home to sleep.
And to dream . . . deeply . . .
of Jaguar tracking,
and waiting Mountain Lion,
and circling Golden Eagle
. . . and slowly sauntering Swine.

Nighty Night . . .

Brown canyon flora and freinds



ART NOTE: The jaguar painting (top of post) is on the wall of the Brown Canyon Environmental Education Center (artist unknown).