A Resting Post

This evening, after a long day of work (that, oops, didn’t end until nearly 7 pm), I received some unpleasant news. It wasn’t the worst news in the world (for example, it involved no deaths or political catastrophes), but it was personal and disappointing.

I had hoped for an early afternoon to go walk the neighborhood and enjoy the wildflowers (in our amazing super bloom year!) and then a relaxing dinner. But, instead, I worked late and then tended to the disappointment.

Now, I am going to post this little resting post. . . nothing poetic or dramatic in tonight’s post .ย  . . just the slow, munching work of a little caterpillar with a little disappointment slowing plumping up on leaf energy, wondering what tomorrow will bring . . . getting ready to furl up into her chrysalis tonight. The work of growing and transforming includes many little bites. Some our nourishing and delicious! And some little bites really sting.

Tonight is a Resting Post

After clicking “Publish,” I’m going to roll up under a blanket with some cozy snacks and dream and meditate. What illumination is to be found here? Going into my little chrysalis now. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? ๐Ÿ’š

green chrysalis and monarch chrysalis
Furling in for the night. What will tomorrow bring?


PHOTO CREDIT: Krzysztof Niewolnyh and Suzanne D. Williams