Furling into a Sunset Poppy . . . (deep sleep medicine for you)

Season of the poppy

Now is the season of the poppy. . . especially in southern Arizona, where we are having a Super Bloom year (oh thank you cooler temperatures and winter rains)! 🧡

Petals like soft satin

I’ve been visiting poppies in the wild all around my home in Tucson, Arizona. I love to sit with them and to pet them.

Poppy petals feel like soft satin. 🧡

Color of creativity, sensuality, and emotional safety

I love their rich, warm orange . . .. the color of creativity, sensuality, and emotional safety. My nervous system feels relaxed and easy when I rest with the poppies. Ahhh, like a little bath of orange sunlight. 🧡

Poppies at Picacho Peak park, Arizona
Poppy fields at Picacho Peak State Park (2 weeks ago)

Eases the mental swirl

California poppy or Mexican poppy (Escholtzia spp) is a sleep ally and helps with insomnia because poppies ease the mental swirl. Poppy tincture is helpful for easing anxiety, busy-mind, and muscular-skeletal pain (that can also prevent sleep). (You can read all about poppy plant medicine in this FREE online book I discovered.)

Yes, the tincture’s physical medicine is helpful for sleep, but so is imagining the poppy!

Yes, you can also just . . . call on poppy medicine to calm you to sleep. 🙂

For sleep, furl up your little petals . . .  like a reverse blooming

Poppies know how to rest. By day they open up their flowers into wide cups that bask in the sunshine, but near dusk time, they furl up their petals into cozy little cocoons of rest.

You can do this too, for sleep: furl up your little petals . . . like a reverse blooming!

Poppies by day and by dusk

An invitation to peaceful dreamtime tonight

Here’s how to invite Poppy to help you sleep deeply tonight:

  • Get cozy and relaxed in your bed.
  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep, slow, relaxing breaths.
  • Feel your bed steady beneath you, holding you securely.
  • Now imagine that YOU are actually resting (horizontally) INSIDE a giant, gently furled poppy! . . . Feel the satin petals around you. 
    • . . . Sense the calming orange color bathing you in warm, healing orange light.
    • . . . Can you smell the spring rains and the Earthy smell of wildflowers and desert (or meadows)? 
    • . . . Feel the easy and coziness of your safe little poppy cocoon.
    • . . . Sweetest deep dreams to you. 🙂


Poppy in my yard, Arizona
Tiny poppy in my yard (A giant lizard scooted under this Prickly Pear as I leaned forward to take this photo!)


Poppy field at Tangerine Sky Park, Arizona
Poppies at local park 2 days ago


Roadside poppies at sunset, early March
Roadside poppies at sunset, early March

🧡 🛌 🧡