Leaving the House!

Sometimes we all get in ruts. I was in a bit of a rut much of 2018 of, well, not leaving the house.ย 

Genesis of a sloth-like, non-hiking situation

It all began with a knee injury and that, combined with an (oh how I love it!) work-from-home virtual job with a home indoor/outdoor office with plants all around, made it all too easy to . . . drum roll . . . not leave the house. It also didn’t help that a few friendships dissolved last year, and there was some loneliness in all that.

And then, one thing led to another, and finally I noticed that my general habit patterns and routines had evolved (er, devolved) into a rather sloth-like, non-hiking situation. (Eek!)

So, in January, I overcame the inertia, and my healthy knees (yay, thank goodness!) and I began emerging from the couch cocoon and moving, walking, hiking, exploring again.

Just setting it into motion, that is all . . .

And once set into motionโ€”overcoming the resistance to starting was the only actual hard part!โ€”it’s been going along pretty well. I’ve been adventuring at least every other weekend, taking more walks, exploring our (this year amazing!) spring wildflowers and stretching more.

The couch still sees me more often than the hiking bootsโ€”aspiring to change that ratio!โ€”but the momentum is here now, and it’s carrying me (off the couch, away from Netflix’s siren call, and out of the house) regularly now. ๐Ÿ™‚ It feels great!!!

delicate purple flower, Sonoran desert
These delicate little purple flowers were all over the desert yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Leaving your house helps others too!

And this “leaving my house” effort isn’t just benefitting me and my own personal health/well-beingโ€”it’s helping others too! Yesterday, I escorted a dear friend off her couch and outside (where she loves to be, but hasn’t been in a while). We explored a local park filled with poppies, wildflowers, and other lovely green things. She commented, “I don’t leave my house!” and I said I totally understand. I was there a few weeks ago too. So many of us are. ๐Ÿ’š

An invitation for you

Spring is the season of newness, growth, energy, clearing, newness and change!
Is it time to leave your house? ๐Ÿ’š

What simple, easy natural place could you go visiting this week?
If you go just once, it might be enough to break the old inertia. ๐Ÿ™‚

What will you discover there?

poppies furling up for sunset
Before sunset, these poppies were furling up for the evening (like a reverse-blooming, so lovely)!