Sleep Retreat – Night 3!

Nighttime sleep retreating

Two nights ago, I decided to have a sleep retreat. Curious what a sleep retreat is? See this post. 

I awoke after 11 hours, but was strangely . . . still sleepy. How was this even possible?

So, yesterday, after a full day of work and a very relaxing dinner, I did a little U-turn and headed right back to bed . . . at 8:15 pm! Only this time, I did not fall asleep right away.

Floating in the twilight dreamy-awake state . . .

Instead, in the deep dark and cozy warmth of bed, I floated in a solitude twilight dreamy-awake state for about 3 hours. . . very blissfully. . . and then sleep gently arrived . . . and I didn’t emerge from bed/sleep until nearly 9 am this morning!

What I learned . . .

Most of the time, I wait to get into bed until I am already so sleepy that I am nearly instantly out. Last night—what a contrast! How (surprisingly) deeply nourishing it is to rest in half-sleep with no rush to “go to sleep” and zero concern if I do not.

Oh, the pleasure of resting in the present moment of half-sleep! (Is this a secret the Larks of the world already know . . . and a discovery only new to us Owls?)

And something else new! During my half-sleep retreat of dark-night/cozy resting, I watched my mind go wandering in various directions, some pleasant and some not so much. I enjoyed noticing that my mind had time and space and energy to go “checking in on” all (and, over 3 hours, really I think it was actually all) of the relationships and projects I tend. But so . . . peacefully. 🙂

In the cozy warmth of sleep retreat, mind can go sauntering

Mind wasn’t rushed or running along jaggedly; with all that time and so warm and cozy as I was, mind was sauntering, as thought wondering through a meadow. No rushing. No speed. Like watching clouds . . . or butterflies . . . or hidden wildflowers . . . or little rare sedges . . . mind weaves, thoughts wonder, and imagination exhales and says, “ahhh.”

Busy little nerves can flatten out and gently ease.

Even our dreams can reset.

Inspiration of the day! Giving way to dreamtime of the night . . .

Today, I felt inspired to sit with Ocotillo, one of my favorite desert plants. At lunch time . . . over a rather long lunch break . . . I sat in our yard, in the springtime desert with one of my very favorite plants, and I began writing a blog post. It’s a fun post to write with several sections and memories and plant magic . . . and then I went back out this evening after work, after sunset, and wrote some more (chillier now), and then I finally came back inside. I was almost finished when my husband brought us dinner to share, and then finally I realized I am not finishing the Ocotillo post tonight. Instead . . .

Diving in into sleep retreat again . . .

Darkness is here. Bedtime sleeptime dreamtime calls. . . like a little lullaby. It’s 10:13, and I’m ready for a 3rd night of sleep retreat. . . beginning in . . . about 3 minutes. 😊

Sweet dreams to you, dear one.



PHOTO CREDIT: Dakota Corbin