A creative invitation into the natural world around you

I love nature journaling. . . noticing small details (especially visual and sound) along with the big vistas, the weather and birds, animals, and small plants . . . and then bringing these to the page. Each page can be a little nature-meditation retreat. ๐Ÿ™‚

A while back, I wrote a curriculum guide about nature journaling (more on that in upcoming posts), but tonight I want to share the work of an amazing nature journaling artist and teacher, Claire Walker Leslie.

Her most recent book is lovely!! The Curious Nature Guideย has a website with sample pages and even a little video. Take a peek here, and then pack up a little notebook, and a pen or pencil (and, if you’re feeling fancy, a few colored pencils or watercolors) and head outside . . .

The Curious Nature Guide by Clare Walker Leslie - cover


PHOTO CREDIT: Peter Haas (photo taken on a beach in Carlsbad, California)