Balsamic Moon Dreams – Swimming into the Pisces New Moon

Tonight is the balsamic moon (last wisp of waning crescent) before tomorrow’s new moon in Pisces.

Rivers are washing the old you into the ocean tonight.

This is the last moon cycle of the astrological year, so there are many endings to be felt (new and old). Snakes are shedding skins. Time for Kon-Mari-ing old dreams, ill-fitting visions, and rumpled old wishes that no longer fit who you once thought you were).  Rivers are washing the old you into the ocean tonight.

New moon with a special twist

Balsamic moon is always the time for letting go and releasing and listening quietly for the dream seeds that want to be planted (in preparation for the new moon, time of visioning and new visions/dreams/wishes/intentions), but tomorrow’s new moon caries a different (and special) flavor.

Mercury – here we are, last degree of the zodiac

That is because, with Mercury turning retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces, some of this “balsamic-ness” continues for the next few weeks. 29 degrees Pisces is the last degree at the very end of the entire Zodiac, the ending moment of snake nibbling its own tail, the cyclic spiral of endings-beginnings. Mercury retrograde is always a time of slowing down, retreating, resting, re-thinking, but with the oceanic deluge of Pisces, this can go very deep.

Uranus (revolution!) sails into Tauraus (Earth!)

Tomorrow (3-6-19) is also the day that Uranus (the planet that brings revolution and lightening-bolt-like change to all that it touches, Uranus also the planet of humanity and the future!) sails into Taurus, the sign of Earth (earth protection/activism and all that is Taurus—values, and what is valued, embodiment, sensuality, pleasure, self-care, worth and worthiness, money, beauty, nature, wild beauty, patience, and steadfastness). Uranus will stay in Taurus for the next seven years. What Earth (and earthy) revolutions will be born?

So all of that too is beginning tomorrow morning with our new moon!

Sweet and deep dreams everyone. Happy swimming.





PHOTO CREDIT: David Clode on Unsplash (Copperband Butterfly fish, from the coral reefs of Australia)