How to Gather & Make Flower Essences

What is a flower essence and why make one?

A flower essence carries the subtle, energy imprint of a flowering plant.

Unlike an herbal extract (which offers the physical medicine of the plant with all of its alkaloids and nutrients) or an essential oil (which is a very intense distillation of plant medicine/aromas, far more magnified than the little plant itself), a flower essence contains no physical traces of the plant. It is plant spirit medicine, and creates a connection between the plant’s energetic field and our own.

Working with flower essences is one of the gentlest and least invasive ways to work with plant medicine (for the plant and for you!), as very little plant material is gathered. One flower can create essence for hundreds of people! (This is quite a contrast with essential oils, where thousands of flowers are distilled to make very few ounces.)

Gentle, yet extremely powerful

Wellness (as well as illness) begins in the energy body, and this is the power of flower essences and where they do their work. Much like taking herbal medicine right before or at the onset of a cold (and then never getting sick), flower essences can be taken right at the onset of emotional/spiritual unease or imbalance (or later on in your process). Flower essences can support you through transitions and transformations and then help you steer your body/spirit/mind back into balance.

How do I know which flower essence to create or ingest?

Great question! You can read about them (many articles and books have been written), or you can explore by beginning to notice . . . what plants call to you? Which plants do you notice? Which plants feel especially “noisy” to you (as they are asking for your attention or tending)? Perhaps begin with your favorite flowers of all. ๐Ÿ™‚

As you enjoy and gather and make flower essences, your relationship with the plant world will deepen.

May all beings feel the joy of strong relationships with plant allies and helpers! ๐Ÿ’š

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How to Gather & Make Flower Essences

Step 1: Gather materials.Gather materials for making flower essences

  • Brandy
  • Water (Spring water is best.)
  • Chopsticks or other wooden sticks for picking the flowers. (You can use anything other than your fingers/hands, but natural materials like wood are best.)
  • Glass bowl to hold the flowers
  • Measuring cup
  • 1/2 ounce & larger glass tincture bottles (available at herbal or health food stores)
  • Labels and a Sharpie pen or other marker

Step 2: Choose your location and time of day.

Select a quiet place where you and the flowers will not be disturbed. A sunny day is best because sun potentiates the essence.

Step 3: Fill the bowl half full with water.

Step 4: Ceremony

Open sacred space, ask permission, offer your presence.

Step 5: Gather.Gathering passionflower with wooden chopsticks

With care and intention, gather the flowers and put them in the bowl. (Remember not to touch the flowers.)

Step 6: Set the bowl.

Put the bowl with the flowers very near the plant where the flowers are growing. Make sure that direct sunlight reaches the bowl of water with the flowers.

Step 7: Meditation.

Sit with the flowers and feel the essence energies. What do you feel? What do you notice? Do you feel physical sensations? Any particular emotions? What messages do you receive from this flower? Do you see any water bubbles around your flowers? Light?

Step 8: Wait, Visit, Meditate.

Leave your flowers in the bowl of water in the sun for several hours. Visit a couple of times. Each time, sit with your flowers. Ask yourself the questions of Step 7. Do you notice changes throughout the day?

Step 9: Make the Mother Essence.Labeling flower essence bottles

a. Gather the bowl of essence waters and remove the flowers. (You may wish to offer the flowers to the Earth or to otherwise offer them in ceremony. Or you might just enjoy drying them for your home.).

b. Fill a large tincture bottle half full with brandy. Use a measuring cup for this.

c. Fill the rest of the tincture bottle with the flower essence water.

Step 10: Label.

Always label each bottle as you go along. This is very important.

Step 11: Create your Stock Bottles.

From your Mother Essence, you can create stock bottles for yourself and to share with others. (The Stock Bottle is what you buy if you buy a flower essence in the store.)

a. Fill 1/2 ounce tincture bottles almost all the way to the top โ€” to just below the beginning of the neck of the bottle.

b. Feel what number of drops of Mother Essence you would like to put in. Perhaps 4, 7, 12, 13, or any number. You sense/decide. Put this number of drops into each Stock Bottle you are making. Shake to activate.

c. Label each Stock Bottle.

Step 12: Enjoy your flower essence. :-)Rattle, basket, and bottle for flower essence making

You can enjoy your essence right from your Stock Bottle. You may wish to add a few drops (4, 7, or any small number of your choosing) to a glass of water or water bottle, to a larger drinking water supply, or directly under your tongue!

You can also create a dosage bottle: Fill a 1/2 ounce tincture bottle with spring water and add a few drops of essence from your Stock Bottle. This will last about a week. if you want to keep it fresh longer, add one TBS of brandy.

Many blessings of enjoyment & health to you! ๐Ÿ’š


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PHOTO NOTES: Except for the poppy photo (taken by my husband this week at Picacho Peak!), all photos were taken at the Nuestra Tierra garden at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.