Words of the Whole Healed State

What does it mean to be whole?

I love my dear friend Celia Blackwood‘s description of the state of ultimate well-being as “the whole healed state.” She’s a beautiful (and effective!) practitioner of shamanic healing and energy medicine work, and when she is working with someone in a session, she holds in her heart-mind the image and feeling of that person resting in their own whole healed state.

I love this way of looking at the world, and it is useful to remember, whether it is our loved one who is currently suffering, or ourselves, or even our house or bank account!

. . . What does this living being sitting here in front of you (or this thing, or construct/concept in your mind’s eye) FEEL like when she/he/they/it are in their whole healed state? What does that look like?

. . . What is your friend’s experience like in this whole healed state? How about yours? Can you sense it?

. . . Your loved one’s self-expression when all is well, how does that take form? Can you imagine it?

. . . Your sense of ground when your bank account is balanced and at rest, and your debts have all dissolved? How is that? Breathe.

. . . As you imagine this all, how does that feel in your body?

Becoming whole . . . it’s an experience (many experiences!), and it’s a life’s work (many lives’ work)!

The posts on this page are about evolving, in many tiny steps (and sometimes moments of daring leaps), ever pulled in the direction of the whole healed state.  7 Topics: grief, safety, courage, steadfastness, gratitude, interbeing, and being oneself truly. Oh, and also 516 year of ancestral healing!

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