Writing a Wild Bathtub (instead of Spilling Little Cups of Tea Everywhere!)

So how DOES it feel to write and create and post daily? Well, I recently put it into words for two of my good friends. It’s like this . . .

It feels like I am gathering all the ideas together into a bathtub (that is growing!) instead of spilling ideas everywhere like flinging cups of tea! Yes, that’s it!

I used to spill my ideas everywhere—like flinging cups of tea!

For so many years, I’ve spilled my ideas, dispersing them on Facebook comments on other people’s posts, in late-night social visits gone on too long, on event-based projects that got off the ground but never really flew, in marketing suggestions for others’ businesses, and in career jobs that ate them up (and belched) but did not say thank you.

What is creatively fulfilling?

All of that, over all these years,  has been (to some degree) helpful or kind or useful —and I truly don’t feel regret for any words of kindness ever offered!—but, overall, all of that flinging of cups of tea in every different direction?? Well, um, it’s felt . . . less than satisfying. 

But this blogging experience now?  OOOoooooohhhhh!! Now this, It turns out, this gathering, sowing, tending, synthesizing, cultivating, curating, celebrating, and sharing all the creative ideas here together (in this blog) feels . . . so . . . fulfilling.

This is such a different experience from any other creative project I’ve done in the past!

Every new little idea gets a cozy cape, a compass, and a basket!

Essays—and whole books!—are sketching themselves over here offstage! It’s like every little idea that comes knocking on the my door now gets given a little cozy cape and a basket of food for the journey, a compass and map, and a kiss on the forehead—and off she goes!

Some ideas go in Trello, and some ideas go tangoing under the moon

Some ideas hop into these daily posts, some ideas get tucked into my ever-expanding Trello board (where they rest and dream), and some ideas go out tangoing into the deep, mossy forest under moonlight with the wolves and bears by salmon streams!

Ideas mix and mingle in our minds

And by day (and sometimes by dream), each little idea that appears at my heart-mind’s door is welcomed and invited in along with all the other ideas that are coming along out of the woods. It’s a party in here! And the ideas are making friends with each other! I never knew it was possible to go networking in your own mind, hahahaha! Connections everywhere. 💚

How can you do this too, you ask?

  1. Begin with something you love to create/do . . . writing? drawing? photography? cooking? kazoo-playing?
  2. Ask yourself, “What is one way I could do this creative thing every single day for (at least) 10 minutes?” Write down your answer.
  3. Commit to creating/practicing every day for (at least) 10 minutes. TIP: It’s helpful if you think out what time of day and where.
  4. Begin now. 🙂

P.S. A bit about the bathtub photo above:

Here are the original photos I zipped together . . . the bathtub (left) and the ideas (right). 🙂


PHOTO CREDITS: Jared Rice (bathtub) and David Marcu (Lake Capra in Romania), both from Unsplash.