How to Clear Your Energy Field with a Swiffer and a Song!

Alyson & Juliana offer you this little video with much love and silly humor.For today’s post I am joined by dear friend (and songstress) Juliana Murphy who is just back from Uluru in the far red center of outback Australia! Some say that Uluru (also know as “Ayer’s Rock”) is one of the Earth’s chakras. It is certainly a place of deep time and many stories.

Throughout time and across many traditions, people have practiced energy medicine.  From traditional Chinese medicine (think acupuncture and chi gong) to the Q’eros people in the high mountains of Peru, there are many methods and techniques for grounding, clearing, and repairing one’s energy field.

Tonight with much love and silly humor, we offer you a video

All of this—along with our evening adventure tonight out walking along the snowmelt-river-running Rillito wash and catching up after Juliana’s weeks away—led us to making  this handy video on how to do on-the-spot soul retrieval!

How to clear your energy field and call yourself back in less than a minute—with a swiffer and a song!