I Believe in the Dream Seed That is You


I Believe in the Dream Seed That is You.

I believe in the Earth,
In cycles of inter-being
And interconnectedness,
And in the wild awe of nature,
In the cosmic cycles and space beyond time,
In the goodness of humanity at its best,
And in the oceans of compassion and far-reaching heart-wisdom
That is the highest potential of (and deepest heart seed)
And true nature of each of us.

I believe that you are deeply loved (yes, you!)
and that we all are.
And I believe in kindness.
And integrity.
And bravery.
And that it is only ignorance
And a false belief in a solid, separate self
That causes such fear
And drives the deluded to harm themselves and others,
And that fear is truly the loneliest emotion,
Only looking for a friend.

And I believe in the poetry of life lived
And in the power of spoken words
Spoken soulfully!
And I believe in the stars,
And I believe in whales
And in plankton
And in mossy green trees,
And in beauty,
Oh so much beauty.

And I believe that we live
In dire times,
and yet
It is truly still possible
That humanity
Can get it together
In time.


peacock with a thousand eyes

PHOTO CREDIT: Ricardo Porto on Unsplash