The True Story of How Our Tender Selves Truly Are (Underneath our Little Masks) — Oh the Humanity!

One of my dearest and most beloved friends was going through a pretty significant time of grief over the sudden loss of a loved one. She lives far away (in the Upper Midwest in a very small town) where folks are extremely polite. She thought that she should be OK, and that nobody—not even family members who had experienced the same loss—was going through the same deep grief she was feeling, that nobody else around her was sad or anxious.

I drew her this little cartoon, and I’d like to share it here in case it might be helpful or comforting to any of you. 💜

CAVEAT: My friend and I have been writing letters for many years, so she knows my handwriting well. I hope you can decipher it too!


3 sad people holding up their smiley “everything’s fine” masks

Compassion friends understanding grief 1 (1200)

3 people bravely setting those masks down (and looking around)

Compassion friends understanding grief 2 (1200)


3 people feeling compassion for (and from!) others

Compassion friends understanding grief 3 (1200)

3 actually happy people (living their lives) who know that they are not alone 🙂 🙂 🙂

Compassion friends understanding grief 4 (1200)