How Does the Divine Hold Humanity? (7 billion answers!) β€” a 5-min VIDEO

What if seeing the way your fellow human beings experience the Divine gave you deep insight into their hearts (and oodles of compassion)?

Would you peek? πŸ’•

How this little video came about

So, after a pretty challenging day yesterday (relating with deeply painful news-stories and world events), followed by some surrendering (so much is in our world is beyond any one human heart’s ability to hold), I finally unwound enough to go to sleep.

Then, this morning an idea came. It’s a beginning, a seed of something longer to come . . . but, first, recording a little video felt just right.

So, click below if you’ve ever wondered . . .

How does the Divine hold humanity? (HINT: 7 billion answers!)





PHOTO CREDIT:Β  Chris Ensey on Unsplash