The Buenos Aires (good wind) Refuge in Southern Arizona – Road Trip Retreat Day

Wintery trees, swooping hawks, vast grasslands, winter winds . . .

What a gorgeous day! I came out to explore a place I had never been before—the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, created to protect the habitat of the little Masked Bobwhite Quail. I was the apparently the only person who thought yesterday was the perfect weather for exploring. Total solitude. Perfect! 🙏

I set out yesterday morning and did not bring my laptop. Intention was to record video, maybe make an audio track or two, and definitely to do some nature journaling. But it was too windy for audio, and too chilly to stop and write or draw. But ooooh, what a beautifully perfect day for wondering tiny roads and little trails, gazing at hawks perching and swooping across miles of grasslands. Bundled warmly, I gazed up at soft acres of wintery clouds, far away Boboquivari peak changing her mood with the dramatic colors of the afternoon, and everywhere wintery trees. Cottonwoods and mesquite. Hawk and sky. 💜

Buenes Aires National Wildlife Refuge