3 Ways Writers Can Leave the Screens Behind

3 Ways To Avoid Logging Too Much Screen-time

How does a writer avoid overdoing the screen-time? Here are 3 ways you can write (or blog) that do not involve typing on a computer, or tapping on a tablet or phone!

OPTION 1: Create an illustrated journal

Instead of a laptop, reach for a sketch book, notepad, or journal. Write slowly and beautifully. Include little doodles or illustrations. Maybe add a decorative border.

Nothing has to be fancy. . . Take your time. Breathe. First drafts are great. 💚

Take a photo scan of your finished page(s) and post as your post!

OPTION 2: Do a Little Vlogging

Imagine what you would like to say, comb your hair (haha), and instead of typing it out, record a video instead! Your smartphone will work. A Gorillapod tripod can be helpful if you want to attach smartphone to a tall tree out in the middle of the wilderness somewhere, but of course “selfie style” works too.

As with your art pages, nothing has to be fancy about this video . . . Take your time. Breathe. First drafts are great. 💚

OPTION 3: Go audio . . . no hair comb needed!

Record a little audio track. Same as above (video) but without the visual element! If you are somewhere outside (far, far away from screens), maybe take some photos to include with the post. That is all. Upload audio and photos, and your post is complete!

As with the two suggestions above, nothing has to be fancy about this audio track . . . Take your time. Breathe. First drafts are great. 💚


Heading out on a writing adventure now . . .

As soon as I post this, I am heading out on another solo writing adventure (a poetic writing date). I’m packing art materials and a microphone, but no laptop (wow!), and I’m planning to create a post—or two (or more)!—totally screen-free

Tune back in tomorrow to learn how today’s adventure turned out. 🙂


PHOTO CREDIT: Kumiko Shimizu on Unsplash