So . . . What exactly does Alyson write?

Words weaving themselves into being

A year of art! On January 1, I committed to writing and publishing every day in 2019! Part of this year-or-posting-daily practice is to discover/uncover/recover all the topics I love to write and dream about . . . to gather them up, bring them forward, and invite them out to play.

As I go along day by day, I’m letting this project direct itself, and I’m watching as the themes weave themselves into the whole.

Alignment and homecoming

In the first 37 days—and the first 37 posts (January 1 through today)—33 posts are all new in 2019, and 4 posts include creative work from recent years (with something new expressed about the words shared).

It feels good to bring into the public eye work that I love from the past. It’s a feeling of both alignment and homecoming. 💚

Mostly though, every post is all new in 2019. And that feels really good too! 💚

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows

Ok, it’s a little bit unicorns and rainbows. Most days the writing/creating/posting process itself—even when writing on challenging topics—has been surprisingly blissful! The act of allowing myself to prioritize the creation of art (after many years of “work only”) is pretty amazing! (🦄🌈💕)

But other areas of my life have been feeling the strain. I’m been staying up late many nights to write, and I haven’t been tending my wide and overlapping circles of relatives and friends as actively. I feel the same calls (and cords) to connect and (often over) tend, but instead I write. This is breaking old patterns. That’s not all going well. But my soul keeps saying, “Write!” So I do.

What happens to your toilet when you start creating art daily

So . . . since I started this project on January 1, I’ve cut way down on texting, and I haven’t been digging around much in my personal email box (mostly filled with spam anyway), or gone wading through piles of old task lists. Instead, I write. I haven’t cleaned out any big closets or done any of the other “long-term projects” that often eat away at my weekends. Instead, I write. Also this . . . I’ve stopped working so hard at coordinating social events, I’ve pretty much eliminated Netflix, and I notice that my toilet is less than sparkling. Instead, I write. Fascinating . . .

I’ve pretty much eliminated Netflix, and I notice that my toilet is less than sparkling. Instead, I write.

And what about the day job?

I also work full-time (at a pretty dynamic and expanding company) from home. I work virtually, which means I have nicely flexible hours (ahhh!) and can take little breaks to walk around the block or eat snacks (or daydream about blog topics), but it also means that I am already scheduled to be on the computer 40+ hours/week. Now that I’m adding writing time, that can translate into a LOT of daily screen time. Hmmm. As the year goes along, you might see more video and audio posts from me . . . we’ll see . . . So many possibilities!

So . . .What Exactly Do I Write?

On Monday evening, in preparation for being brave and sharing my blog with the world (um, well, with my Facebook friends near and far), I first carefully tucked all my little posts into 4 pages.

My 4 little containers . . .

So far, I’ve been writing on these 4 themes (and now each one has its own little page). Feel free to wander around a while and see what you find . . .

Click on the 4 photos to explore!

ocean light
Woman with large tree, roots
2-6-19 (photo) TINY - Whole Healed State PAGE
2-6-19 (photo) TINY - Work in the World PAGE


Thank you for reading.