Alyson Introduces her Word Art to the World!


Sharon Mccutcheon writes of her photograph (above) that it is a “Close up of a soft dandelion puff ready to make 1,000 wishes!”

Ooh, this is how I feel about sending my little blog out into the world this evening! Today is my 35th post-in-a-row, and it’s time to share. This is my little secret-sacred (and soon not-so-secret!) heart project. Right around Winter Solstice, this idea arrived . .ย  .to create a blog, and to write, speak, create, record, draw (something!) and publish every single day in 2019. What a practice!

Why Today? Fire, Air, and Earth!

Fire goddess, cooling Air element of Aquarius moon, and Earthy new year piggy!

Female Earth Pig 2019Today is lunar Imbolc (the Celtic festival celebrating Brigid, the goddess of poetry, inspiration, and fire!), the new moon in Aquarius (especially potent for wish-making for humanity), and the very beginning of the Tibetan New Year (an auspicious time where merit is multiplied), which is also the first day of the year of the lovely, affectionate, and abundant Female Earth Pig!

What it feels like to commit to publishing every day for an entire year

It has been surprisingly exhilarating to write each day! I am so grateful for the opportunity this little container has provided so far.

No fretting allowed, good-by perfectionism paralysis

ArtemisOoh, and also thisย . . .

I cannot dork around with multiple drafts, fretting and rewriting, or being paralyzing with perfectionism. Oh no, every day is a new deadline! It’s write and go! First drafts only! Wow. Whew. That in itself is quite a practice.

Every post is an arrow released into the world. Where it lands? Who knows. My only job is to pull the arrow back, lean into the bow, and let go . . .

1000 soft little dandelion puff wishes on the wind!

I pray that my words may be of comfort, healing, protection from fear, or at the very least, a bit of entertainment. ๐Ÿ™‚ At best, I aspire and dream that my words of experiences may be a little mirror or a small candle burning brightly . . . any little catalyst reminding you of your own blazing inner soul light!

Please poke around (by Page or Category, or see some of my favorites on the Home/Blog page) and see what you find. Feel free to share if you think of anyone you know who might enjoy.

If you have any thoughts or responses, I’d love to hear! Feel free to leave a comment at the end of any blog post, or you can contact me here.

Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚