Balsamic Moon Dream Seeds of Imbolc – Releasing into the Inner Fire

Hello magical balsamic moon, silvery sliver of dark moon drawing us inward to dream!

Each month, before the new moon, the balsamic moon phase brings us two or three days ideal for curling inward into dreamtime. Balsamic moon days are an invitation to go within and rest, to receive guidance, and to dream into being what wants to be born into form during the coming new moon (and cycle).

What wants to be dreamed into being for you?

This dark moon balsamic time is such a potent portal for deep dreaming, for releasing, and for beginning to call upon inspiration/guidance for what wants to be desired or intended durning the new moon to come.

New Moon Phase & 3 Special Celebrations

Our next new moon happens Monday, February 4, at 2:04 pm in Tucson, Arizona (that’s 1:04 pm PST/4pm EST).

Three special celebrations are coming on February 4:

  • Lunar Imbolc (Festival of Brigid) – Brigid is the Celtic goddess of inspiration, fire, poetry, smith-craft, and healing! Her holiday is one of the cross-quarter days of the year (like Beltane on May 1, Samhain on October 31, and Lammas on August 1). Although typically celebrated on Feb. 1, in the calendar of seasons, Imbolc arrives when we are exactly half way between  winter solstice and spring equinox, which in 2019 is February 4 . Imbolc is a powerful time for planting dream seeds. 🔥
  • *Losar – the Tibetan New Year, when karmic actions (for good or for harm) are multiplied manyfold. The first 15 days after Losar, it is especially auspicious to be kind and to work for the benefit of others, our world, and the Earth. 💚
  • *Chinese New Year – It is the year of the sensual, prosperous Earth Pig. 🐖💕

*Losar and Chinese New year both begin with this new moon, which is on February 4 in the United States, but arrives on February 5 in Asia, so this is why (in most calendars) you will see these holidays as landing on February 5.

As we prepare . . .

Now is the most potent time for receiving dream seeds, of being receptive to guidance and dreams about what will want to be intended/initiated at and after this new moon (and into the coming spring)!

In contrast to tonight’s dreamy balsamic phase, the new moon is that exciting time of planting our goals and wishes, calling in our desires, and setting setting sail toward our heart’s deepest truths. On and after the new moon, it’s best to be clear about our wishes, goals, and desires as we set our compass toward true North,

Tippy-tail of the spiraling snake

And then we travel the moon phases from new toward waxing to full (illumination! fruition! that which has been hidden brought to light!) toward waning (the letting go phase), until finally we sail back around to the balsamic moon, also called the waning crescent, that tippy-tail of the snake phase, that point when—after all that dreaming into being and doing and shedding—finally, there is nothing left to do.


Maybe I have always always loved this balsamic time because I was born under a balsamic moon, so for me this is home.

I know I love this phase because it is the time for deep listening and for gathering potent seeds. . . dream seeds for self, dream seeds for our Earth/World, and dream seeds for our communities and for each other!! 🙂

I’d like to offer you an invitation . . .

Can you gift yourself some time to dream and just be?


moon phases with balsamic moon
From Wikipedia. (Click on the chart to learn more about moon phases!)


Photo credits (top to bottom): Gabriel (no last name) on Unsplash and Wikipedia