Nighttime Tech Taming—iPhone Hack Number One—for Dreamy, Restful Sleep 💕😴 💤

The need for Nighttime Tech Taming

The blue light that emanates from all of the screens in our lives (including this one!) can keep us awake late into the night. Why?

Firelight vs. Blue Skies and Sunshine

Our little eyeballs evolved for thousands of years to associate orange and yellow light (like from a campfire) with nighttime, dream time, community, relaxation, food, and resting. But blue light came from only one place . . . the brilliant sky filled with daytime sunlight, movement, motion, and activity! Blue = wake up! And go!

But what if I need to peek at my phone late at night?

Turning off our screens at least 2 hours before bedtime is ideal, but what if we need to check our phones? . . . You know . . . to turn on airplane mode and tuck it away for the night? Or to set up a relaxing yoga nidra track for sleep? Something simple like that.

ISSUE: Here’s the issue with that:

Well, most of the serotonin-production-inhibiting blue light beaming out of your phone and into your eyes is coming directly out of the front of the phone. A simple solution to avoid most of that light is . . .

SOLUTION! Nighttime Tech Taming iPhone Hack Number One 🙂

Turn it sideways! Aha! You can still see and read your phone, yet most of the light pours off to the side—and not into your eyes! I’ve discovered this simple little hack several months ago, and it really seems to help. 🙂

IPhone Nighttime Tech Taming Hack

NOTE: Of course, this works in part because it is for very brief phone peeking only. 🙂

Sweet Dreams

Wishing you oodles of dreamy, restful sleep tonight . . . and every night . . .


P.S. An Invitation for You

If you try this little Tech Taming iPhone hack and find it helpful (or not), I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 🙂