A Mini Campfire for You

This evening’s post is a mini campfire retreat for you.

Imagine you are at a backyard campfire, sitting in a circle with you friends . . . these kind, wise, funny people, people with whom you spent a year diving deeply into spiritual work together . . . at 3 retreats.

Imagine that you are celebrating the 1-year anniversary since that 3rd retreat, and that you are each sharing about your life over this past year, the victories and the transformations, the deaths both real and symbolic, and the love, so much love.

And imagine that there is laughter, and there are gasps, and there is compassion—and awe—and a spontaneous song. A song of lion power, love, and strength!

That was my evening tonight. 😊

Here, have a seat around the campfire . . .

Here is a mini campfire for you to enjoy. Sweet dreams. 🙏