It is Safe to Rest, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my visit to the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in Sedona, Arizona.

While there, I had an insight about rest (and what keeps us from rest). You can read that here if you wish.

Here are the little prayers flags that were near the Tara Stupa. I loved them, and I thought you might enjoy them too.  Each color is one of the five Buddha families. 💚

Vajra buddha family prayer flag - Peace
Vajra buddha family – Peace

Buddha buddha family prayer flag - Purification
Buddha buddha family – Purification

Ratna buddha family prayer flag - Knowledge
Ratna buddha family – Knowledge

Padma buddha family prayer flag - Compassion
Padma buddha family – Compassion

Karma buddha family prayer flag - Prosperity
Karma buddha family – Prosperity

May All Beings Be Blessed with Divine Love & Peace
Dedication stone at the large stupa