A Simple Little Meditation on Doe Mountain in Sedona (VIDEO)

On the top of the mesa in Sedona (Doe Mountain Trail)

Today my very dear friend and I hiked up the Doe Mountain Trail to rest and move and do ceremony and create art. As can often (but always surprisingly) happen when on retreat, a LOT came up.

When we reached the top of the mesa, we went our separate ways, each of us finding our own private retreat spot to rest, write, paint, and meditate in ceremony.

After doing some grounding practice, I settled in by doing this little meditation I learned years ago from a kind and wise college professor (in a class called The Sociology of Happiness).

Here in this video are the instructions for you! Enjoy . . .

A Simple Little Meditation for You (with instructions!)

The 4 steps (4 times each, except the last one, which is said one time):
  • I see . . .
  • I hear . . .
  • I feel (physical sensations) . . .
  • I feel (emotional state) . . .

Afterwards . . . following deer trails in circles, ice on the trail, and a chocolate tree

Afterwards, we got a bit lost finding each other again. My friend had followed a deer trail with many little deer hoof prints. Of course she did. We were on Doe mountain. 🙂

We walked down the trail. I especially enjoyed the out-of-sun spots on the trail with ice (such a treat in Arizona!) and the adorable, hardy, and very small desert ferns. 💚

After sunset, we drove into town and enjoyed a perfectly nourishing and decadent feast at the ChocolaTree with acoustic musical accompaniment and an amazing little raw chocolate hazelnut dessert. So grateful! 🙏

Little desert ferns on Doe Mountain Trail in Sedona, Arizona
Little desert ferns on Doe Mountain Trail in Sedona, Arizona


BONUS! Late-Night Haiku

Just now, as my friend was heading out to the hot tub under the trees, and I was settling in to write this post, she said, “You could just write a haiku,” and I said, “Let’s write a haiku together—a friend haiku!”

She laughed and said, “We took a friend hike, not a friend haiku.” 🙂

Will you co-write post?

“We took a friend hike,” said she,

“Not a friend haiku.”