2 Backyard Birds and 67 Lemons to Be

Morning brunch in bed, weekend relaxing, husband says, “Our Flicker is back!” and just beside our window is our favorite speckled flicker peeking around tree (thinking she is hiding, but we see her).

Is she contemplating another leap onto the hummingbird feeder? Coast is clear . . . And then, cardinal!

Bright red, just landing on log, delicately plucking seeds from little earthenware pan, the Christmas-present seeds that that no bird would visit when they were inside bird feeder, yes, those same seeds that claim boldly on their wrapper that they are a treat for almost every backyard bird—except cardinals, ha!

cardinal carnelian bead among agaves prickly pear urban nature

Cardinal flies and then returns again, pecking more not-for-cardinal seeds from pan, a carnelian bead among the agaves and prickly pear.

Finally, I emerge from this fluffy flicker-cardinal bird blind, brush my teeth, and slip outside. to do some grounding practice. Barefoot on winter desert dirt, I walk to the lemon tree. I love to look into her green when I ground. Lemons!

Today this! Sixty-seven lemons to be, partly green and (yes) partly lemon-yellow.

Mmmm, I can smell them!

london rocket and wild mallow with knee
London rocket and wild mallow with knee

And over to my left, knee deep London rocket, lush and green. (Here is a photo with my knee, ha!)

Time for a spicy wild salad snack . . .?


What is outside your back door today? 🙂


lemons lemon tree
67 lemons to be