Love in an Impermanent World

Tonight I prayed for a friend who is missing, offering mantras of her favorite deity up to the sky, under the mesquite tree and setting sun, with the nearly full moon rising behind me, as I prayed for her path to safety to be illuminated clearly, and for all protection to surround her.

My younger self’s journal of nature

Early tonight, I had the idea to go leafing though my graduate school portfolio from 15 years ago, on a search for words and drawings to share in this blog, all about nature journaling and the art of connecting deeply with the natural world through art and observation. As I sifted through old work not yet shared, I thought, “Now it is time.”

A niece’s field journal of leaves

Late tonight, my sister called me, and we talked about my friend who is missing, and about love in this impermanent world. And then she told me that my little niece, who––in that short time lapse between, “You need to go to bed right now, really right now!” and “Why aren’t you in bed yet?”—had created an entire field journal for leaves!

Inspiration through space and time

Apparently, in that short gap before sleep, in those brief minutes, she had managed to gather and save one large, carefully-pressed leaf onto a page, make an entire table of contents, and organize one large blank page for each leaf she plans to collect (with leaf on left side of each page and an area for 6 “fun facts” about each leaf on the right). OMG, how joyful!! Did niece and aunt inspire each other through the ethers? 🙂

An ending

Later tonight, after the prayers for my friend, and moments after hearing about my little niece’s new nature journal of leaves, I saw an urgent email from the director of my graduate school program—the very program I had revisited tonight (for the first time in years)—that the program is suddenly closing. The university just discontinued it. At the program, alarm and heartbreak abound.

Weaving a basket and holding all that is goodness with love

I am sitting here in . . . impermanence. Nature journals (oh the inspiration), growing nieces (so much love!!), the missing friend (oh the confusion and worry), programs ending that an hour ago seemed so permanent (wow), and the setting sun, and the moon in the sky above, and the love, always the love, so much love.

May love carry my friend to safety.

May love always inspire my niece in her love of leaves and rocks and the Earth!

May love weave a basket and hold with care all that is goodness in this world.

May love carry us all!