Dining with my Beloved in the Pure Land

Tonight my husband and I traveled across town to our very favorite restaurant, Govinda’s Natural Food’s Buffet. Oh, how we adore Govinda’s!

We love to arrive just before sunset and enjoy our plates of (oh my goodness, delicious!) Indian-themed feast outside by the water fountain of the 4 stone fish. We rest outside long past sunset and into the night, even on nights like tonight when we must bundle up in hats and scarves because it’s cold (well, cold for Tucson).

Entering the retreat center for the evening

Govinda’s food is prepared with prayers and blessings by the spiritual community that dwells here. Entering this retreat center for the evening is like stepping into the Pure Land with the koi pond, lovely trees (with sparkly lights), and many resident birds.

But, of course, just because the atmosphere is meditative, that doesn’t mean my husband and I are always dwelling in the Pure Land of the Present Moment when we visit! 

Sweetness and vexation

We’ve brought everything here to our date nights at Govinda’s . . . relaxation and sweetness (and present-moment-ness), yes, but also some of our most vexing dilemmas.

Somehow Govinda’s always makes the hardest challenges seem more bearable. After even a very hectic day, sitting here by the water and trees smooths out the wrinkles. As we rest and enjoy, quiet returns.

From wrinkles to a wedding

We’ve brought many conversations and a kaleidoscope of moods to these date-night feasts over the last 3 or 4 years. One night, we even decided to have part of our wedding celebration here! Govinda’s feels like an extension of our home, and so we wanted offer this place to our loved ones from afar. Our wedding-eve feast was so beautiful! 💕

A fountain for your enjoyment

Here is a little video of the fountain to enjoy. 🙂