What I Know About Whales

It was a very late night and a long day, and although I had wanted to write about whales, to bring to the page thoughts that have been swimming around in my mind for days, I was very sleepy, so around 4 pm, I lay down under the covers.

I was planning to do some napping yoga nidra, but the whales were here!

I thought, well, I’ll just record a few thoughts as a voice memo for later writing, but then everything I wanted to say whooshed out into this oneΒ (*unedited) spoken word run.

*I would edit out the 2 or 3 pauses in the first 20 seconds, but I don’t know how (yet). The rest of it flows pretty fluidly though. πŸ™‚ πŸ‹Β πŸ’•

So here is today’s offering . . . these spoken word poetry words.

How to listen for most enjoyment:

  • Find a snuggly blanket and curl up in bed (or on a couch), and get warm and cozy.
  • As you settle in, relax your body like you are seaweed in the ocean. Exhale deeply.
  • Now, can you . . .

πŸ‹. . . Remember a time you visited the ocean . . .?

πŸ‹Β . . . Can you imagine the sounds of the sea . . .?

πŸ‹Β . . . Smell the salt on the wind . . . ?

πŸ‹Β . . . Can you hear seagulls with your mind’s ears?

πŸ‹Β . . . Maybe sense playful dolphins nearby?

πŸ‹Β . . . Are there whales under the water where you are?




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How Whale Poop Can Save the World!




PHOTO CREDIT: Rebecca Harris