Grounding – I love my root!

Who loves feeling grounded? Ooh, I do!

If you ever struggle with anxiety or overwhelm, or with feeling scattered or confused by the emotions of people around you, then grounding is recommended for you too. 🙂

Oh, how I love this practice!

❤️ What’s so special about being grounded?

Learning how to ground has radically changed my life for the better, and yet it’s:

  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to do
  • Costs nothing
  • Needs no special tools
  • Can be done anywhere (although it’s best outside).

And, daly practice can produce an almost immediate change in so many areas of life . . .

  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Sleep quality
  • Emotional stability and ease
  • Feelings of connection and safety

❤️ Fantasy novels and energy hygiene

I was first introduced to the concept of grounding in a fantasy novel series decades ago, but I didn’t truly understand it or—much more importantly!—have a felt experience of grounding until I started practicing energy hygiene in January 2017.

Now you may be wondering, what on Earth is energy hygiene?  Essentially, we have a physical body and an energy body, also called an energy field. Just as we need good hygiene for our physical body, so too we need to keep our energy body clear, clean, and healthy. (I’ll write more about energy hygiene in an upcoming blog post!)

For now, just know that it all begins with grounding.

❤️ So what is this magical elixir called grounding?

Grounding is feeling (and being!) energetically connected to the Earth (vs. lost in our heads, adrift in our and others’ mental processes or emotional states). Humans used to ground easily and all the time by walking, sitting, eating and sleeping on the Earth.

And then, even when modern life swept us up into shoes, chairs, and beds, we walked around in shoes made of natural materials that conducted energy out of our feet and into the Earth. Unfortunately, now most of us are isolated from the soothing, clearing, supportive energy of our Mama Earth most of the time. However. . .

Walking barefoot on the Earth for a few minutes, taking a nap or rest while lying down on the ground outside, or even simply taking a walk can be very grounding for us.

Even if, by situation or season, you are not able to walk barefoot, you can ground with your mind.  Here’s how . . .

❤️ How do I get grounded? What are the steps?

  1. Find a relaxed/alert posture (for example, standing with feet hip-width apart or sitting cross-legged). Give yourself a nice stretch, so that you are comfortable.
  2. Notice your breathing. Take 3 or more deep breaths into your belly.
  3. Sense into your lower spine, tailbone, and pelvic floor. Notice how they feel. Sense into your feet, and notice how your feet feel as they make contact with the ground. (If you are sitting, also feel your sitting bones and legs on the ground.)
  4. Take 3 or more deep breaths, and imagine you are breathing all the way to your pelvic floor and all the way down to your feet.
  5. Imagine/feel/visualize that you have an energetic tap root that begins at  the tip of your tailbone and whole pelvic floor and goes down into the Earth, down through the soil and layers of rock, all the way through the subterranean rivers, down through the molten layers, all the way down into the very core of the Earth
  6. Feel/imagine your root “plugged into” the Earth and holding you, and that the Earth is  completely supporting you.
  7. For one minute (or more), breath into and with the Earth:
    • With each inhale, feel/imagine/visualize deeply nourishing energy from the Earth (perhaps as white “earth milk”) flowing up through your root and into your body.
    • With each exhale, feel/imagine/visualize that you are releasing energies that you no longer need, and that the Earth is receiving these as delicious, nourishing food to be transformed (just like making compost!) into nourishment that feeds life on Earth (because it is, and it does, and it will).
  8. Feel gratitude for your grounding, for your root, and for the Earth. The end! 🙂


❤️ I love this! How do I learn more?

I highly recommend Christina Pratt’s podcast episode called What is Energy Grounding. She offers dozens of free audio tracks on he podcast and website called Why Shamanism Now. I’ve listened to many of them. She’s an excellent teacher! This one, though, is my most favorite episode ever.

NOTE: Most people can ground pretty easily, especially with a little practice. However, if you find you’re having trouble, definitely listen to this podcast episode because Christina explains why (and what to do about it).


❤️ An invitation to practice daily

If you haven’t practiced daily grounding before, my guess is that you’ll find it is life changing! Try it every day for 30 days . . . you’ll be amazed. ❤️

Enjoy! 🙏


circle of trees and sky looking up from earth below


Photo credits (top to bottom): Kevin Young and Casey Horner on Unsplash