Golden Body Energy Bath (a guided journey)

Here is a gift for you . . . a guided journey!

Golden Body Energy Bath (audio)

Golden Body Energy Bath
Download or stream online.
17 minutes

Description: Travel your body’s inner waterways and energy field, soaking within your own nourishing energy bath and clearing out all that is ready to be released.

The experience: a voice-guided shamanic journey (guided visualization) with the sounds of a high-mountain stream

Most useful for: clearing, calming, or preparing for a restful night of sleep

The inspiration: The Golden Body Energy Bath was inspired by our closing journey at a Shamanic Body Wellness mini-retreat that I facilitated a couple of years ago. The theme of that evening was deep nourishment, digestive wellness, and a releasing of worries. The Golden Body Energy Bath journey is what came through at the closing. (This recording was made later the same evening.)

Recommendations for the journey:

  • Give yourself the gift of 20 minutes of nourishing retreat time.
  • Choose a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.
  • Turn off you cell phone.
  • For best sound: Listen with headphones or earbuds.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Later, after I made this recording (and learned a LOT more about grounding, such a deliciously essential topic!), I regretted not having included the bath’s DRAIN to the Earth. Please add/include the visualization that all that is released swirls down deep into the Earth where it is lovingly received and transformed. 🙂

To stream online (to listen from this device): CLICK HERE.

To download (and save to your device), right click this link: Golden Body Energy Bath and then choose “Download linked file as.”

Many blessings and much love to you,
Alyson Greene May


Photo credit: Quino Al on Unsplash